Night lighting may increase air pollution, light pollution
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    Looking at the night sky in the city, even if the sky is clear, the stars have also been able to see less and less, mainly due to the bright lights at night to bring the city's light pollution. However, scientists recently discovered that light pollution will not only bring trouble astronomers, and may even cause the world is becoming increasingly serious air pollution.

    According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration study showed that a called nitrate (usually nitrate anion) of chemical substances will be subject to restrictions or impediments to road lighting, the substance that breaks down emissions from motor vehicles and factories harmful gases.

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists Sahara Wales Tucker study conducted in Los Angeles, tests show that, from buildings, street lights and car lights light will produce nitrate inhibition. "Our preliminary findings show that the city lights at night can slow down 7 percent clean, and to start the next day's ozone pollution caused by chemicals increased by 5%." Stark said, "Our next step needs to The impact of more accurate quantification, the next day how many of our city is actually ozone. this work is important, because many cities are close to the level of ozone control limits, so even if the response is very small like this may also have a great impact. "

    Although the lighting is much dimmer than sunlight, but still produce adverse effects is difficult to ignore. To this end, Stark proposed a possible solution, that is, the less impact the light color to red, but this may not be practical. Stark there is another more simple remedy to the direction of the lights and down. Because less light up on the impact of atmospheric nitrate smaller. LI Zhong-dong

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