Stage lighting to shape the artistic image of the three major practices
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Stage lighting as a unique form of artistic means, in the modern arena plays an important role. The creation of the atmosphere, gorgeous clothing and the image of different characters are inseparable from the light rendering and characterization; the same, but also because of these, the light has it to play the imagination of space and venting emotions of the media. As part of the stage synthesis art, the light in the good rendering of drama emotions and expression of emotions at the same time, also have their own soul, through imagination and ideas into a silent art language, his right, refreshing.
From the basic function of light, the light on the stage to shape the artistic image of the performance techniques are the following three aspects: First, the light and shade, that is, the light intensity of the projection area and the size of the size; Second, the color and pattern of light, that Light color and spot shape; third is the angle of light, that is, the location of the lamp installation and projection angle. By rationally using the performance of these lights, you can achieve the characterization of the characters, explain the scene time and the purpose of rendering the atmosphere, so that the creator will express the meaning of the full integration into the artistic image.
Expression of a: light and the evolution of light and shadow changes
First to talk about the light and shade. As we all know, different intensity of light, giving the feeling is not the same. Such as noon sunshine gives a bright and exciting feeling, while the evening sun makes people feel dim and depressed. In the use of light, we must make full use of light in different shades of the different emotions, choose the right light and lamps, so as to better shape the artistic image, contrast the atmosphere, performance theme.

Performance techniques II: light color and pattern
People's visual experience may be the most sensitive to the color of light. Different colors have different emotional expressions, such as red on behalf of fiery, golden yellow on behalf of the sun and hope, blue represents quiet and sad, green represents peace, purple represents mystery and so on. Designers in the use of color can make full use of these light color emotional characteristics to render the atmosphere, carved characters inside, so as to guide the audience into the plot of emotions. Today's stage on the use of a large number of computer lights, its biggest feature is to cast a variety of different shapes and the actual situation of the spot. Reasonable use of these spots can be a good way to assist the stage scene, both to show mottled shadows and sparkling lake, but also with a sharp beam stretching space rendering atmosphere. This is a kind of through the use of a variety of colors and patterns of light, people have different associations to shape the characters and explain the scene of the performance techniques.

Performance tactics three: light projection angle
There is strength and the appropriate light and color at the same time, the appropriate light projection angle is also very important. The angle of light exposure will change with time. Such as glow and dusk, the angle of light is relatively low and soft. And the midnight light angle will appear steep and sharp. Because of this, choose the right lighting and light projection angle, on the stage will be able to accurately express the plot represented by the time and orientation.

The unique three-dimensional modeling of light is the space on the stage, the premise of the existence of the characters. Stage lighting of these performance techniques in the specific use of the process, usually can not be used in isolation, several expressions are often you have me, I have you, complement each other, through the exchange. Only through comprehensive consideration, unified layout, in order to achieve the accurate shape of the characters, explain the scene and the purpose of expressing emotions.
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