On the professional dimming system efficiency and heat dissipation problems
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[Network] of southern Guangdong light stage lighting, television art of life. Dimming systems safe, reliable, objective world is running out to shape a strong guarantee. Any professional with a dimming system, its power is great, a single light bulb is 5kW or 10kW, and a performance can be thousands of light bulbs. Thus, a dimming system's total power consumption is staggering. Therefore, the dimming and cooling system efficiency is important, it is the operation of the dimming system for a long time to maintain the reliability of the key.

    Dimming devices through four generations: the first took the resistive dimmer. Second took the transformer dimming equipment. The third generation of electromagnetic amplifier type dimming equipment. The fourth generation of the SCR dimming equipment. The first generation of the least efficient, the fourth generation of the highest efficiency.

    If the dimming system is not efficient, its own power consumption is considerable. Assuming it's efficiency of 96% (seems to have a very good number), when it wants to promote a 6kW load, its own power is already:

    6 × (100% -96%) = 0.24kW

    And assuming a wardrobe of 60 dimmer 6kW load, then it's total power consumption as much as:

    0.24 × 60 = 14.4kW

    Therefore, to improve the efficiency of the dimming system is very important. It not only reduces the dimming closet temperature rise (because of temperature and power consumption is directly proportional to), but also reduces power consumption, thereby reducing operating costs. Currently, more advanced dimming system uses the latest switching and high-solids.

    Choke, its efficiency as high as 98%, 100% reduction in non-dimming resulting from the current sharp rise of great disturbance. (SCR by changing the conduction angle to adjust the voltage, it's only about 1μs turn-around time, the current waveform is actually a very steep front pulse.)

    However, even a very efficient dimming system, cooling system performance and design is still very important. Even 98% efficiency, the above example, its own power is still up to 7.2kW. Make such a big power efficiently discharged outside the system, the internal components to maintain system temperature at a reasonable working environment, the rational design of cooling systems can not be ignored.

    Currently, the world's popular closet cooling system there are three kinds: forced air, forced ventilation and smart ventilation.

    (1) forced air

    The cooling system is installed in the blower closet at the bottom, so that fresh air entering from the bottom of the closet after blowing up speed, so take away the heat generated by silicon.

    This approach has the advantage of high efficiency, with a small fan can be a large number of tropical away. The disadvantage is pumped into the cold air from below upward mobility in the way of power continue to be heated silicon, so the top of the SCR temperature is much higher than the bottom, resulting in the top of the can reliability and lifetime of silicon-controlled fall.

    (2) forced ventilation

    This system is designed to exhaust fan installed in the closet at the top. Through appropriate process design so that fresh air from the front of each SCR into, and then discharged through the exhaust the hot air outside the closet.

    With this method, precision design (fluid dynamics) and strict process control, can be done from the top in the end the Ministry of silicon into the air each have roughly the same amount, so you can make each SCR in a acceptable operating temperature range to ensure the reliability of each SCR. However, this design has its drawbacks, is greater wind resistance, need to increase the exhaust fan power, and thus the noise as well.

    (3) Intelligent ventilation

    Under normal operating conditions due to the dimming system will rarely be fully loaded, so that the required amount of ventilation can be reduced. Intelligent ventilation is based on this theory, by detecting the temperature inside the closet, and then decide the amount of ventilation in the general operating environment, only low-speed fan operation, the noise is relatively lower, but when the load increases, the fan will speed up accordingly. In this way, not only retains the advantages of forced ventilation, and also to solve the drawbacks of high noise.

    Finally worth mentioning is that, even with the high efficiency dimming and cooling systems, but the dimming system is always a great deal of electrical power systems. Arc ignition temperature and the emergence of such phenomena is impossible to completely avoid. Only in the high efficiency and good heat dissipation on the basis, supplemented by the necessary high temperature and fire prevention measures (such as flame-retardant wire with high temperature) in order to ensure the safe use of dimming systems.

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