The layout of the South China Sea: the whole chain to build semiconductor light
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Foshan is the major source of electricity production and R & D base in 2009, over 10 billion yuan output &#118alue of electric light, electric light industry, with 45 high-tech enterprises in Guangdong power light sources R & D center 5, the relevant upstream and downstream enterprises 400 number.

Foshan Nanhai electric illumination as the core area of ​​the industry chain, from upstream of a material, electric light to the lower lighting, mold and complete the application side chain, and tight integration of all aspects of upstream and downstream, supporting the ability to integrate powerful. In order to fully extend the advantages of conventional electric light industry, the South China Sea area has for the semiconductor light of this new industry first established high-tech services to the financial district of Guangdong, Guangdong urban industrial base, Nanhai Economic Development Zone, rout a new light industrial base, the South China Sea national eco-industrial park development and other mature carrier.

In the semiconductor lighting industrial upgrading in the process of gathering the snow Wright, Nanhai District, Nanhai Chi Mei Optoelectronics Xu Rui, Akinobu Group, Ji Sheng Optical, GeIL large number of high-quality electronics and other companies, and Zhongshan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Science and Technology University and other universities to establish a close co-operation of the LED production and research, with Sun Yat-sen Institute Foshan, Guangdong, Flat Panel Display Industrial Technology Research Institute and other public service platform, and are planning to build the LED industry in Hong Kong University of Science Engineering and Technology Research and Development Center, the existing LED-related dozens of businesses and services in 2009, semiconductor lighting industrial output &#118alue of over $ 2 billion. Currently Nanhai of Foshan Lighting, Osram, Snow Wright and a number of the country and the world's leading companies as a leader in the South China Sea Luocun electric illumination for the support of considerable size electrical lighting industry cluster, and with the close of Danzao Hardware , Dali Industrial aluminum, in the water mold, Lion of the photoelectron, Guicheng machinery and equipment manufacturing facilities, and with the Foshan region of the country's largest cluster of small household appliances such as electric light Foshan jointly develop a complete industrial chain of lighting.

Since 2009, the South China Sea more semiconductor lighting industry gained rapid development. Xu Rui company settled with the Foshan, Nanhai semiconductor lighting industrial technology innovation platforms and test base to invest in construction, South China's largest source market in South China Lighting Electric (International) Electric Light Source Lighting City beginning to take shape, the South China Sea by the Provincial Science and Technology Department new light source for the industrial base of Guangdong, South China Sea has opened up the LED industry chain, the first breakthrough in high-end LED lighting is expected to promote the application of the bottleneck, significantly reduce the price of LED products, traditional business transformation and LED lighting products to find breakthrough popularity.

To speed up the development of the industry, the South China Sea area has been introduced in October 2009 to accelerate the development of semiconductor lighting industry related support measures, to establish the total size of one billion to 20 billion in special funds for industrial development, in enhancing the capability of independent innovation, strengthen the public platform construction, construction of demonstration projects to promote investment and financing, etc. to give strong support to industrial development, will rely on independent innovation and the combination of industrial clustering, building from chip research, equipment manufacturing, LED wafer and chip manufacturing, power package, applications development, pilot and production, product testing to the market circulation of semiconductor lighting the whole industry chain, will form the next 3-5 years 30 billion to 500 billion industry, size, and become well-known semiconductor lighting industrial base.

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