China's semiconductor lighting industry has entered a period of rapid increase
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Since the start in 2003, after the semiconductor lighting project, the ministry of science and technology research programs, 863 in the field of new materials has supported the semiconductor lighting technology innovation and industrialization, China's semiconductor lighting industry and technology has made significant progress, formed from the upstream material , middle chip preparation, the downstream device packaging and integration of applications developed with relatively complete industrial system, to enter the stage of rapid development.

1, the industrialization of key technologies to achieve major breakthrough. Enterprises as the mainstay of the LED manufacturing technology advances rapidly, the online business industry to complete the power-type chip package after the light efficiency of 80 ~ 100lm / W. Power white LED package to reach the international advanced level. With independent intellectual property rights of power type LED chip packaged silicon substrate light efficiency of 78lm / W, at the international advanced level.

2, the industry begun to take shape, becoming a complete industry chain, market applications go in the international forefront. The end of 2009, China had more than 3,000 LED business. Among them, the upstream extension and more than 40 chip manufacturers, packaging companies are about 1000 midstream and downstream applications manufacturers 2000. Private enterprises accounted for 85% of the total number of enterprises. In 2009, China's chip output increased 25 percent to 2.3 billion in 2008 to 26% of the growth was essentially flat. In 2009, China's LED packaging production &#118alue reached 20.4 billion yuan, 18.5 billion yuan in 2008, up 10%; production from 94 billion in 2008 increased by 10 percent to 105.6 billion, of which the output &#118alue reached 18.6 billion yuan bright LED , accounting for 90% of LED sales. From both domestic product and corporate structure, has greatly improved, SMD and rapid growth of high-power LED package. In 2009, the output &#118alue of China's semiconductor lighting applications reached $ 60 billion. Despite the financial crisis, China's semiconductor lighting industry in 2009 is still showing the trend bucked the trend, to 82.7 billion yuan industrial scale, an increase of nearly 20% in 2010 to reach 100 billion yuan.

3, the industry environment is getting better. From the Ministry of Science and semiconductor lighting project initiated in 2003 and 2009 to carry out "Ten thousand ten cities" project, to the recent Development and Reform Commission jointly issued by six ministries and other industry guidance, as well as post-crisis era of emerging countries for the cultivation of strategic industries, are that the Government is actively promoting the development of China's semiconductor lighting industry. Government policy guidance and support, along with the improvement of device performance and energy-saving effect of the manifestation of China's semiconductor lighting industry will enter a period of rapid increase in development, market potential, will drive industrial upgrading. In order to promote innovation and technology integration to accelerate industrialization, strengthen research cooperation, research and Solid State Lighting Industry Alliance (hereinafter referred to as Union) through the establishment of industrial R & D Fund, a major demonstration project organized the Olympic Games, held in innovation and competition, coordination and promotion standards, the establishment of patent pools, etc., to build a research platform for cooperation to improve the efficiency and level of technological innovation, promote the implementation of major projects. Union standards, coordinate the promotion has achieved remarkable results, eight national standards and nine industry standard has been officially released, supported by "ten thousand ten cities" pilot, the Alliance has completed the LED lighting products, tunnel lighting, and road and tunnel lighting products Supervision, Inspection and acceptance of implementation and installation details, cold LED lighting product specifications, etc. 5 recommended technical specifications, while being prepared indoor downlights, spotlights and other technical specifications. In addition, the Alliance has combined national testing organization, product testing regularly publish data for local applications demonstrate a reasonable set of performance indicators provide a scientific reference, and is recommended for the next release of the local, energy-saving effect of the styling products preliminary work directory. Union through technology standardization, standard patent of work, study and formulate national semiconductor lighting patent strategy, patent research network deployment, operation mode to explore the patent pool, for the relevant departments to provide decision support. Alliance's work to expand the domestic development of semiconductor lighting field, causing the international community's attention on the domestic industry had a major impact.

National Semiconductor Lighting Project through the implementation of China's semiconductor lighting industry has established a significant international position, especially the "city of ten thousand," the show "to promote technological innovation through the application, to play the role of science and technology to support economic development, promote energy conservation emission reduction "concept, at home and abroad have had a tremendous and far-reaching impact. In addition, China is a key raw material in the semiconductor lighting resources in the country, to protect the industry's sustainable development. Semiconductor lighting industrial investment risk is far lower than the intensity of the microelectronics industry, has the technical characteristics of the labor-intensive double, China's national conditions, to promote large-scale employment.

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