Dimming station functional terms
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Functional terms:
Single control singlecontrol
An independent control of the control loop.
Group control groupcontrol
Centralized control of several control loops with the same brightness.
3. set control submastercontrol
Centralized control of several control loops with different brightness.
4. Concentration concentratorcontrol
To achieve between the section and the lights alternately change the control mode.
5. master control grandmaster
The highest level of control.
6. fadein fadein
The light on the basis of the original gradually brightened.
7. fade out
The lights gradually darkened on the original basis.
8. sudden and sudden
The light is instantaneous on the original basis.
9. Suddenly Suddenly suddendark
The light is instantaneously darkened on the original basis.
10. cut blackout
Turn off the controlled lights instantly.
11. Pre-selected preset
The lighting field is pre-set.
12. alternating change crossfade
At the same time, some lights become clear, and some lights dim the process.
13. Simulation shows mimicdisplay
Can also visually display all controlled lamp and brightness of the display.
14. Actor switch actorswitch
In the show, the actors need to set the switch by the actors.
15. System setup setup
The system parameters, peripheral operations, various types of curves and other editing and selection.
16. macro definition macro
A number of sequential operations are combined on a key for simplification of the procedure and given a special definition.
Independent independent
The associated control loop is no longer controlled by other dimming controllers.
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