S-380 NEW 380W 17R BEAM
Input voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Rated power: 400W
Light source: Osram 371W bulb 
Lens: double lens combination, one focusing lens, one 165CM light-emitting lens (three-layer coating + anti-smoke oil treatment)
Prism: 8 prism + honeycomb prism (8+8+8), can rotate in both directions
Strobe: Double strobe configuration, faster and more stable
Pattern plate: 14 fixed pattern pieces + blank
Color wheel: 13 colors + white light
Other functions: independent atomization effect, independent colorful prism effect
Motor: 14 motor units, XY axis two-phase motor, stable and non-shifting
Motherboard: LED LCD touch screen, with self-test function
Channels: 18 channel controls
Other configuration: dual audio plug-in output, 512DMX output-in output, 512DMX output
Lamp body size: 34CM*23CM*57CM
Net weight: 15KG
Carton size: 40X33X68 cm
Gross weight: 16KG
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